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Yes, We’re continuously looking for new writers. we tend to wish to go with writers who have a passion for writing and share their knowledge others. If you’ve got completely different idea or a unique content that will challenge our readers and move our industry forward, we want to hear about it. However you don’t have to be compelled to anticipate an inspiration which will redefine Holy Communion. Are you one among them? Come to us!

Topics for consideration

We are considering articles on following topics for publication.

Holy Communion



Clothing or Dress

and more..

Things to be considered

Following things need to be considered before writing your article

Word count: Your article should contain a minimum of 700 words and a maximum of 2000 words.

Design: Your article should bear a relevant title and you can add images to enhance the content of your article.

Unique content: Content should be original and should not have been published earlier or to be published in future on some other site. We invite unique content.

Author information: Please, send your profile picture and bio (in not more than 50 words)

How to submit the article?

We accept articles in HTML, Plain Text, Microsoft Word File and Google Docs. Anyhow, we recommend Word Document. You can email your submissions at

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